Shalimar Fox (shalimarfox) wrote in mutant_x_ooc,
Shalimar Fox

Moving ALONG!!

okay, so rather than have the poor Adam//Brennan player have to play out a scene all by themselves? I skipped ahead. My post has a nice summary of the events, and I figure it is time we moved on to a new day.

So here are my thoughts on where things are going??

Adam//Brennan : Feel free to have Adam summarize what happened with the chats with Brennan or Brennan summarize the Adam. Whichever works for you I guess.

Lexa : I know Emma said you didn't tag along. So, I think Jesse is going to be all secret rendezvous with you.

Jesse : You are all secret rendezvous with Lexa.

Remy : You are resting probably? Maybe Adam should do a post with you??

Nikki : You and Dani are resting, and now that you have proven an asset, probably not in confinement.

Emma : Shalimar has knocked on your door.

Shalimar : Hey that's me!

I think I got everyone right??

Either way, lets just move onto the next day, and start playing again!!!
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