Lexa Pierce (lexa_pierce) wrote in mutant_x_ooc,
Lexa Pierce


First of all, let me say that I love that things are moving again! I'm so excited it's not even funny! -dances- Okay, so some things have happened! Emma as we all know, is back at Sanctuary with the MX team. Currently she's in a thread with Jesse which is looking like will turn into some quality bonding. ;D Shalimar has posted a thread that is open to Nikki where I'm sure she will be questioning her motives. Remy was attacked by yet another GSA agent, but this time Lexa was able to come and kick some ass! Not too sure what is going on with Brennan and Adam, but don't worry, we will figure something out!

So this is what needs to happen: We need to get all the open threads tied up so we can push this plot along. Once that has happened, Adam needs to call the team in for a meeting or something and discuss Proxy Blue's latest broadcast. I'm thinking he should split the team into groups. Send one group after Remy (and as a result Lexa) and one group after Brennan. Maybe Jesse and Emma for the Remy search and Shalimar/Nikki or even Adam for the Brennan search. If anyone has any other input or ideas to offer, please respond to this post and let us know!

So that's it! Questions, comments, concerns?? You know what to do!
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