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Maybe I got some 'splaining to do?

Ok, for those of you keeping tabs on the recent post in the IC journal made by Cat, I wanna explain Remy's behavior so you guys don't think I'm...weird.

Alright, so, Remy's mother offed herself, correct? Well, one reason was that she just couldn't take the pressure of being a "freak" and also have a "freak" kid...another reason is that she was manic depressive/bipolar and postpartum depression didn't help it at all. So, not only did Remy's mother pass on a mutation to her but she also passed on this disease as well. No, she was never diagnosed and that's why she doesn't know why she's feeling all...up and down other than the GSA and Underground situation. But, hey, nothing like a little dramatic irony to spice things up, eh?

...just thought I'd let you guys know. LOL
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