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Hey! [06 Sep 2005|03:00pm]

lollobrigida! cosmicat! Adam and Shal are up! Go go go!! ;D Let's get this game moving, people!
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-pokitty- [28 Jul 2005|11:49pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Heeeeeeeeeeeello? Anyone alive?

At any rate, would it be okay for me to make a seperate post for Remy or should I tag Emma's or Shal's post?

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waawhoo! [13 Jul 2005|10:22pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Yay! We're back in business!

That makes my chocobo dance.

Now...to figure out what to do with poor Remy. -paces and chin taps-

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Heeeey. [13 Jul 2005|12:38pm]

If anyone wants to play ashlocke on my most recent post, go for it. ;)
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::poke poke:: [12 Jun 2005|09:13pm]

Is there anyone out there? Hellooooooooo....

Just a temperature check. I wanted to see what everyone was up to, and if anything was planned. :D
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Question [22 May 2005|08:55am]

A little question as I attempt to write a Brennan post today...

Can white noise be generated through a combination of things plus electricity? Physics hurts my grey cells this early in the day... :(

Edit The beginnings of an answer ... Indeed. Fundamental part of white noise is electricity. I really AM NOT awake this morning. I should've remembered Ohm's Law. *G*
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Maybe I got some 'splaining to do? [18 May 2005|08:35pm]

[ mood | content ]

Ok, for those of you keeping tabs on the recent post in the IC journal made by Cat, I wanna explain Remy's behavior so you guys don't think I'm...weird.

Alright, so, Remy's mother offed herself, correct? Well, one reason was that she just couldn't take the pressure of being a "freak" and also have a "freak" kid...another reason is that she was manic depressive/bipolar and postpartum depression didn't help it at all. So, not only did Remy's mother pass on a mutation to her but she also passed on this disease as well. No, she was never diagnosed and that's why she doesn't know why she's feeling all...up and down other than the GSA and Underground situation. But, hey, nothing like a little dramatic irony to spice things up, eh?

...just thought I'd let you guys know. LOL

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heyyoooo [10 May 2005|09:36pm]

I made some minor tweaks to the layouts, both here and the main community, so that they wouldn't look stupid at higher resolutions. Somehow, this didn't come into my mind that there may be a discrepancy for higher res moniters, but then I had my friend look at my journal (new layout, btw. linkage if you're interested) and it was all off center. That should've been taken care of.

I'm thinking about making a new header, but I dunno.. Anyone think we need one?

Weee.... K. I'm done now.
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A question :) [23 Apr 2005|09:58pm]

On your respective computer screens... is the text of this banner readable? It's Brennan's LJ. Follow me to the banner..

Yes... worrisome geek that I am... I asked the same question over at my LJ....
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Me again [15 Apr 2005|06:44am]

[ mood | blah ]

Okay, just letting you guys know that I'll be posting something tonight. I just haven't had time this week 'cause I had to do that "baby think it over" project in Parenting and...these babies aren't the ones you stick a key in their backs and be done with it. No no no...these actually scream, cry, feed, burp, and all that baby dren...::rolls eyes:: I'm so exhausted. But, yeah, I'll be posting things tonight! Ja! ::scurries off to English with baby carrier in tow::

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Meep! [12 Apr 2005|08:25pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Hey everyone, I just wanted to apologize to everyone for me not posting. For some reason the comments don't show up in my inbox and I sometimes forget to check the journal itself. I'm so so sooooooo sorry. Is it alright if I still go ahead and put a reply to Adam asking to see Remy's sketchbook or should I reply to Jesse's post?

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Moving ALONG!! [20 Mar 2005|11:24am]

okay, so rather than have the poor Adam//Brennan player have to play out a scene all by themselves? I skipped ahead. My post has a nice summary of the events, and I figure it is time we moved on to a new day.

So here are my thoughts on where things are going??

Adam//Brennan : Feel free to have Adam summarize what happened with the chats with Brennan or Brennan summarize the Adam. Whichever works for you I guess.

Lexa : I know Emma said you didn't tag along. So, I think Jesse is going to be all secret rendezvous with you.

Jesse : You are all secret rendezvous with Lexa.

Remy : You are resting probably? Maybe Adam should do a post with you??

Nikki : You and Dani are resting, and now that you have proven an asset, probably not in confinement.

Emma : Shalimar has knocked on your door.

Shalimar : Hey that's me!

I think I got everyone right??

Either way, lets just move onto the next day, and start playing again!!!
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Meep [05 Mar 2005|08:19pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey you guys! I'm really sorry that I haven't been active lately. My family and I are in the process of moving into a new place and so things have been hectic. I just wanted to let you all know I'm still here, and to tell you something funny that happend to me today while I was out.

So, I went to return some overdue books to the library then I met with a friend for lunch and while we were in Burger King, this guy came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and looked at him (I had sunglasses on) and he's like, "dude...are you that chick who played Emma in Mutant X?" I looked at my friend and we died laughing then I removed my sunglasses and told him, "sorry, I wish I was that hot." He looked embarrassed and told me that from behind with my hair and all I looked exactly like Emma. I was flattered. LOL.

But yeah, hopefully I can post something Remy-ish soon. Would I need to reply to the thread where Shal/Bren/Nikki arrive at Sanctuary?

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::hugs:: [02 Mar 2005|10:01am]

...to all those with illnesses.

::hugs:: for all those swamped with RL BS


Adam post appearing today or tomorrow - he should give Shal that drink, dontchya think? ;)
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*squee* [12 Feb 2005|10:11pm]


Now *that* is one long post!

Ok... this one *points to self* is going to need some help with the logistics of answering to that post... so I'll see who is on AIM tomorrow :)

More Cat harassment ;)
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...and we're walking... [30 Jan 2005|08:53am]

::Adam opens a drawer at his desk:: ::looks up, addresses the MX RPG team::

Cat's been incapcitated with issues pertaining to work - she's asked me to apologise for any delays this may have caused.
She'll be back up and running with us shortly.

Personally? I told her to forget about the inconveniance that is Real Life and focus on what is important ::smiles:: -the "MX family".

::takes file out of drawer::turns back to computer, immerses himself in work::

That'll be all for now.
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Update! [29 Jan 2005|02:30pm]

First of all, let me say that I love that things are moving again! I'm so excited it's not even funny! -dances- Okay, so some things have happened! Emma as we all know, is back at Sanctuary with the MX team. Currently she's in a thread with Jesse which is looking like will turn into some quality bonding. ;D Shalimar has posted a thread that is open to Nikki where I'm sure she will be questioning her motives. Remy was attacked by yet another GSA agent, but this time Lexa was able to come and kick some ass! Not too sure what is going on with Brennan and Adam, but don't worry, we will figure something out!

So this is what needs to happen: We need to get all the open threads tied up so we can push this plot along. Once that has happened, Adam needs to call the team in for a meeting or something and discuss Proxy Blue's latest broadcast. I'm thinking he should split the team into groups. Send one group after Remy (and as a result Lexa) and one group after Brennan. Maybe Jesse and Emma for the Remy search and Shalimar/Nikki or even Adam for the Brennan search. If anyone has any other input or ideas to offer, please respond to this post and let us know!

So that's it! Questions, comments, concerns?? You know what to do!
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w0ot! [25 Jan 2005|01:55am]

All right, I finally got that Proxy Blue post up that I've been meaning to do for some time now. It's pretty short, but .. I think it works. It was a lot harder to write than I expected it to be. Anyway! In it, the whole scenario at the coffee shop is mentioned, as well as the situation that occured between Remy and Lena, along with some random thing about some guy bursting into flames that I threw in there for added length, since it was looking pretty short. Still is ..

Anyway! The point of that post, is yeah. For people to see it. No doubt Adam will notice, as he tends to tune in to the Proxy Blue network more than anyone, just to keep himself updated on how much information on New Mutant is being leaked to the public. Likewise, I may have some Genomex types (Mason Eckhart) respond in a seperate post. Lexa and Brennan might have caught the broadcast, since Proxy Blue news blurbs / reports seemed to pop up quite frequently within public establishments in the show. Also, Remy can go ahead and tack up a post saying she saw it from her home if she needs something to do for the time being.

Just don't tag onto the actual post, itself. You guys can put up seperate posts if you want your characters to react. As more things occur, Proxy Blue will be putting up more reports. Nobody knows who 'she' is, or who is behind the Proxy Blue network -- all anyone knows is that the reports that come out of there are usually directed toward strange occurances -- most of which are actual happenings, thanks to New Mutants everywhere. So yeah, the public is slowly being leaked this knowledge of New Mutants, which Adam, Genomex, and whoever else might think of as a threat. Also a good way to just keep up on what's going on? Haha ..

[Edit -- Almost forgot! Anyone can reply to the actual Proxy Blue posts, if they are going to leak anymore information in exchange for reward money. Good example of this is in the first episode of Mutant X, where Brennan's co-worker-type replies to a Proxy Blue report with information on Brennan. In this instance, you would reply directly to the Proxy Blue post, saying your character is at some kind of computer terminal, and I will reply with Proxy Blue for the info exchange. Just make it believable, if you ever do this. For example, Jesse and Shal wouldn't go leaking stuff to Proxy Blue. Genomex agents wouldn't, unless they wanted money and weren't loyal to Genomex .. but that is dangerous for them. Adam might, if he wanted to leak false information to discredit Proxy Blue. Brennan might, for money .. Lexa might, to stir things up / mold things to her liking and set up a situation where she might come out looking like an ally to Mutant X .. Emma might, if she is still feeling threatened by the 'freaks' etc. Basically, don't reply leaking info unless you have good reason. All right .. that's it.]
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Mod-post. [16 Jan 2005|05:51pm]

[ mood | happy ]

For those of you who haven't noticed already, Michelle created an awesome header for the community. She also put together a nice matching color scheme, and tacked it all up to make for one really wonderful layout. Of course, this was all after she gave me instructions on how to do it myself .. but that didn't work out as great as would have been expected (basically, I are dumb). She managed to salvage it after I crashed it all into the side of a mountain cliff, though. Woo! Everyone should go and see, since I know not everyone frequents the actual community page thanks to the magic that is a friends list. Thanks again, Michelle!

Also, as far as in-game is concerned, we're doing really well (a lot better than we were, anyway) with keeping up with threads, and not allowing things to drag. I know that I was a big part of the original lag that this game suffered, but I've been working harder toward actually getting things done in a timely manner, and basically being a better player / moderator (not that we really need a moderator here -- everyone seems to be on the same page for the most part, and you all rock my socks like you wouldn't believe, so kudos!). I think with the fresh blood .. or something -- basically the arrival of a new and eager player (Michelle) has been sort of rubbing off on the rest of us. Let's keep it up. =)

A couple of things still need to happen, but we aren't in any particular rush, so no worries. The rescue is all wrapped up, so yay there. At the moment, Shalimar and Jesse just brought Emma back to Sanctuary. Adam managed to slip in a treatment while she was still unconscious, but after waking to realize she was surrounded by 'freaks,' Emma took off and hid in the closet, arming herself with a wrench. Shal is filling in Adam on the whole situation (Lexa, the rescue attempt, etc), and Jesse is off pouting after being branded a freak (what a baby).

Right now, Brennan is off by himself, having strayed from the group after the Michelle and the other GS agents were scared off. In a similar manner, Lexa is also on her own at the moment. Apparently the Dominion didn't like what she had to report, and wound up forcing her to continue the mission that she was given (which is, as far as we know so far, to infiltrate and establish herself within Mutant X for reasons unknown). Erin and Cat, do you want to have Brennan and Lexa meet up in the meantime? If not, I can tag in a few random NPCs, no problem. Just let me know.

Adam has yet to tell Shalimar about the presence of Nikki, but it's only a matter of time before that gets out. As it stands, Shal has already 'sensed' something familiar upon returning to Sanctuary. No worries, Ginni, we'll get Nikki back in play soon enough. Hrm. Jesse's off pouting, like I said, but I think Adam left Nikki in a secure room just to be sure no trouble ensued? Otherwise I'd offer to play out some interaction there. I still don't know how long the Adam / Shal conversation will be, so he may end up putting up a post left open to hiding-in-the-closet-with-a-melee-weapon!Emma if it drags out too long.

So, I mentioned stuff needing to happen? Yeah. I plan on putting up a Proxy Blue post sometime soon, with a report mentioning the whole coffee shop scene (and, most likely making a particular mention of Brennan, so that Adam can grow concerned that Genomex might target him next and ask the gang to bring him in). In addition to that though, we have to find a way to bring Remy into play. She's already been targeted by Genomex, and just managed a narrow escape from Lena Blake. Now that she's on the run, hrm .. I may include something about her in my Proxy Blue post, too. Just to kill two birds with one stone.

Haha, maybe the team will have to split up in order to handle both situations at once. One to bring in Remy, and the other to bring in Brennan. Granted, they need to deal with Emma first .. but with Nikki around, I'm sure she would offer to help if Adam asked her. He might not have a choice -- even if Emma calms down. They are just short handed at the Mutant X offices, it seems. It would also help if Lexa and Brennan, or Lexa and Remy were in the same vacinity at the time MX arrives, so that she can work her way back into the group as well. Huh. So yeah, I think that's what I'm gonna do. Feedback is good -- let me know what you guys want to happen so that we can work everything out.

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:) [10 Jan 2005|06:17pm]

Hi!! :D I'm already having so much fun, its insane. :D

I posted an entry to the journal, and I wanted to see if it was ok for a stand-alone entry. It would be open to shalimar, jesse, and adam.

let me know!! ;D
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